Elizabeth, a very close high school friend, and I spent some time together at Pasay last night. It was our last bonding and god knows when and where we’ll meet again.

We strolled along the seaside and watched the sunset for a while. Then we headed to Harbor Square, that took us a decade to arrive in, to have some booze with the view of the city lights, the sound of the waves, and some meaningful and genuine conversations.

I am ‘okay’ with it.

Note: This was written years ago. Infatuated me is so cheesy.

Years from now everything will be different. Every. Single. Thing. Your hair, the smell of your perfume, the way you dress, maybe even your smile will change.

A couple of years from today, you might not even remember me. The one who remembered every single thing about you.

Other people might think that’s sad. I probably should also be sorry for myself. But, you know what? That would actually make me the happiest.

You not remembering me is a blessing.

Because once you’ve forgotten about me, that would mean I will be able to introduce myself to you all over again. And that’s what I’ve been wanting ever since. To be able to start my life over again, but with you still in it.

You see, years from now every single thing may have probably changed. But I am certain about one thing, you are still the one I long for.

No matter how different you and I may have become, my heart will still long for you. Not the way you smile, you talk, not even your beautiful face. But you.

Perhaps because it is what I am meant to do, to chase you, to try to be with you. The sad fact though that I have long accepted is that you are meant to be with anybody but me. I have long accepted the fact that this story isn’t about us but only about me.

This isn’t a story of two star-crossed lovers but a story of one star that unrequitedly loved another.

Perhaps this is what I was and am meant to do for every single life I have and will live.

Funny thing is, I am okay with it.