Since the typhoon last week, we’ve had some problems with our cable service, the only thing that keeps me sane in this four month vacation since we also have no internet. Good thing I have a copy of Game of Thrones in my laptop so I just had a marathon. I finished it in four days and now I am addicted. Daenerys Targaryern is one of my favorite characters, so are Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister. So I tried drawing her. I thought it’s been so long since I last held a pencil and drew something. Maybe seven or eight years? Lack of practice really makes you shitty.

I also tried rekindling with my first love — music. I’ve been trying to write songs lately and it made me realize how much I’ve missed doing it. Just letting the words flow with the music is just plain exhilarating. In all my life I’ve only finished one song, a song I made in sixth grade, and right now I am trying to do another one, but all my notebook contains are a bunch of broken verses.

Also, my guitar needs a revamp. When I was 13 years old I pasted magazine cutouts on it, Total Girl to be precise since I was a huge fan back then. It was all colorful and grungy, which was timely because Cold Play’s Mylo Xyloto was just released back then and it looks just like it. But now it’s getting a bit old and childish for me so I am thinking of another design. You can give me suggestions btw! :)

I am starting another chapter with no idea how the plot will go. It’s funny how it seems like instead of being the writer of my story, I am the reader. Having no clue of what’s bound to happen next.

Maybe we all are readers when we think we are the writers. Come to think of it.


My four month break has been very unproductive. Very.

The first half was spent watching sitcoms and tv series and movie marathon-ing what HBO has to offer. Yes, two months of bonding with the television. Thinking about it, I’ve never actually watched TV since I started high school. Some make up time was needed.

The other half, which right now I am still in the process of wasting, is for books. My Goodreads account actually says I am 8 books ahead my yearly goal. Just wtf. Anw, I already took advantage of reading the long ones I am too lazy to read when there are classes. I am so relieved 1Q84 is now off of my reading list. Great book, btw.


I started P90X3 two weeks ago, just after my visit to UP Diliman when the nutritionist advised me to lose weight.

I’ve had weight problems since I started high school because I have self-prescribed stress eating. So the moment I stepped into high school, the number on the scale also went up.

So far I am getting the results I want. Why wouldn’t I, military workouts are no joke. Gaaah.

So yeah. That’s how my past four months have been.